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Corona Discharge Station FA-31R Series

basic information
Product description

Application of corona machine

Corona treatment machines are commonly known in the packaging industry as corona machines, electronic impact machines, and electric spark machines. It is academically called a dielectric barrier discharge. Mainly used for plastic film -based or plastic surface treated sheet material product type, to be performed when the ink is printed, composite, blown film, coating, adhesive, material modification, the polymerization of the above material coating, casting, paste before processing in order to make the surface of the product having a stronger adhesive force (i.e. having a higher coefficient dynes), to prevent the raw materials in the production process is now printing rejection color, the composite paste is not solid, plastic coating unevenness leakage phenomenon, influence In order to improve product quality, corona impact treatment must be performed first.


Corona principle

Using a high-frequency high-voltage power supply, a corona is generated between the discharge electrode and the corona roller to form a low-temperature plasma zone. Ozone is generated by air ionization between the two poles. Ozone is an oxidant and can immediately change the molecular structure of the plastic surface. Make it from non-polar to polar. At the same time the material will surface was corona microscopic concave convex not flat cavities roughening its surface, enhancing surface activity, so that after the surface tension is increased, both the ink, glue, etc. can penetrate further into the material to be treated on to achieve Ideal printing and gluing effect.


Functions and Features of Corona Machine

u The  corona machine is divided into different structural methods according to the shape of the object to be processed, but the electrical control part is generally the same.

insulating material suitable for Corona treatedPP, the CPP, BOPP, the PE, the PET, of HDPE, of LDPE, the PS, the PI, the PS, the PC, PA, of PVC,the ABS,a nonwoven fabric, synthetic paper material film, sheet, Wet tension treatment of the surface of the sheet;

uThe  corona treatment machine for conductive materials is suitable for processing the surface wet tension of aluminum foil, aluminized film and other material films, plates and sheets;

Corona treatment machine for special-shaped materials is suitable for surface wetting tension treatment of various special-shaped plastic parts;

u  At present, the main body of the corona machine manufactured by Hefeng adopts stable, advanced and reliable imported high-power IGBT modules and devices as the main circuit components. The main components of the control, triggering and display circuits are composed of integrated block circuits and digital display to make it The equipment is very safe, reliable, durable, low failure rate, and has the advantages of automatic protection such as overvoltage and overload, overcurrent, short circuit and stall, etc., which is a popular trend in the corona industry at home and abroad. Due tothe use ofpower deviceIGBT, the product has asimplestructure,simplecircuit connection, reliability, high efficiency, small size, simple use, one-button operation, modular structure, and convenient maintenance.


Technical Parameters

Output power: 2-30KW optional (optional CD500 / CG2000 series)

Input voltage: 220VAC / 380VAC  

Processing speed: 5-400M / min (customized according to requirements)

Processing width: 300-3000mm (customized according to requirements)

The  processing  surfaces: one surface

Discharge electrode: metal electrode   

Application: Non-conductive insulation materials PP, PET, PE, PVC, etc.

Applicable models: slitting machine, casting machine, compound machine, extruder, slicer, coating machine, etc.

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Corona Discharge Station FA-31 Series
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