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Ahlbrandt Asia sales conference 2018 was successfully held in Bangkok, Thailand

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2018 AHLBRANDT Asian Sales Conference successfully held in Bangkok, Thailand

Meeting time: 2018.9.11

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Participants: Agents from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia and China.




The content of this meeting mainly includes the following parts.

1. Agents in each sales region report the sales of AHLBRNADT products in 2018.

2. Introduce and train AHLBRNADT products, technical exchanges, improve processes, and improve quality.

3. Global market sales analysis.

4. Introduction of Baldwin Group and its products.




At the end of the meeting, the CEO of AHLBRANDT presented trophies to the agents in various sales regions to recognize everyone's efforts and achievements in this year's sales!


We are also very grateful to the German company AHLBRANDT for inviting us to have such an opportunity to meet in Bangkok and travel while working.